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LobsterBag for Life is a high quality, reusable bag for life gadget. Being an individual who loves animals and all wildlife, negative man-made environmental issues are simply close to my heart.

As somebody who has a desire to try and make a difference where they can and use a bag for life product, they set out with the right intentions but found it almost impossible to remember to grab their reusable bag before they left the house. Other options they found were simply too big and bulky to have on my key-ring or in a pocket 24-7, and frankly very uncool!



So… LobsterBag has been designed as an alternative to the standard bag for life options currently available on the market. It is a hard-wearing, sleek and desirable product that can be carried with you at all times comfortably on your bunch of keys for instance. This is  without being excessive in size, but still offers practicality and durability for those moments in time where you just need a bag, or maybe absolutely begrudge spending money on unsustainable and environmentally unfriendly plastic ones, potentially even – a paper bag that doesn’t survive the journey home.



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