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His name is Uli and he’s a watch enthusiast as long as he can remember. It all began in his childhood, when he got his first mechanical timepiece from his father at the age of 12. A skin diver 115 with a chrome case and a hand wound movement, produced by Bifora, a former watch manufacturer from my hometown. This single object was the starting point of his passion for vintage watches.


From then on, he set out to find the watches that would appeal to him, thrill him, challenge him. Collecting vintage watches is not only about the mere object, it’s also the stories behind. Those watches were worn and cared for decades, and ultimately they have their own lives. After 20 years of studying and acquiring more than 1,000 watches, he wanted to realize his childhood dream, to create his own watch collection.

It was time to tackle things and with his sister Susanne (Designer) and her friend Udo (watch enthusiast) they began their journey with VINTRO to make their dreams to reality and they’ve loved every minute of it so far.




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